Sermon Series: A Significant Life (Part 1)

There is no cookie cutter, not every disciple looks the same BUT Every disciple has the ability, the power, to love others and enter relationships with the world around us in a radically new way.


This is the first sermon in our series on Discipleship

It is important because Jesus told everyone to go and make disciples.  All Christians share the same mission, it is called The Great Commission: Matthew 28:16-2

So, what is discipleship? How does it enable you to live a life of significance?

No matter what kind of experience you have at church, you will walk away from it if you don’t really understand DISCIPLESHIP.



  1. What is the cost of discipleship?
  2. What are the impediments to discipleship, and how can they be overcome?
  3. What do we need to love less, so that discipleship can come first?
  4. What part of my life would benefit from a living Christ?