Sermon: Biblical Submission

Rob Nicholls is sharing about submission to God.

Submission sucks, it means giving up control of our own lives. But we NEED submission to get to places we couldn’t get to on our own.

To accomplish anything we need a catalyst, a call, and conviction.

When we have a catalyst, something that prompts change, we need to submit ourselves to the actions required to make accomplishment happen.

God has a plan for our lives. We don’t know the plan until we submit ourselves to God. Responding to the call on our lives allows us to be led by the Holy Spirit, which gives us guidance, blessings and gifts.

Conviction is required to follow through

We need to ask ourselves: what is my catalyst? What will it take in my life to make me receptive to God’s call? And then submit to that call.

If the question What does God have in store for you? is causing a stirring in your soul then maybe God is providing you a catalyst to answer His call.