Sermon Series – A Significant Life (Part 2)

There is an outer life we live, the self we let others see. Then there is an inner life we live, that is unseen. What does our inner life say about our spiritual maturity?

Last week we discussed what Discipleship is. This week we discuss how relying on the Holy Spirit can change your inner life and how you carry out discipleship.



  1. If we were following Christ in his words, will we be at odds with the ways of the world? And why?
  2. In what areas of your life or relationships does the Spirit call you into “loving intolerance”
  3. If “The world is tolerant, and discipleship in Christ is intolerant” How can you love despite the worlds tolerance?
  4. What would it take to bring you to the stage where you would act on the urging of the Holy Spirit? And be unable to ignore that calling?

(these discussion questions are used during the weekly Life Groups, they are also good food for thought on the sermon. If you would like to join a Life Group please email us)