FAQ: How do I get started reading the bible?

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Just start:)  Ok, you may or may not believe that the Bible is really the word of God. You know what… that’s ok.  The Bible is the all-time best selling book in the world and the most referenced book in all of English literature.  

If you take the time to read the Bible and you do not believe that it will ever have power over your life, you’ll at least be a much better-informed person and you’ll start to see Bible references in many other things that you read.

If however, you are open to the thought that there may be a God and that God may indeed want to help you in this life, then you should start by doing the following:

1. Sit down with your Bible, take a deep breath, close your eyes and say to God, “God, I’m not even sure if you’re there or if you care at all about me but if you are there, I want to be open to hearing from you through this book. Thanks.”

2. Open your Bible to one of the first few pages where you’ll find a Contents page.

3. Look for the section marked New Testament and then find the page for the book of John and turn there. (not 1 John, 2 John, or 3 John – just John)

4. The book of John tells us about Jesus Christ and it introduces us to the fact that Jesus is not only a real man who walked on the earth and did many amazing things but it also shows us that Jesus Christ is God himself in human form and he came to make a way for us to God.

5. Read and think about the following four verses in the book of John:  

John – Chapter 11, Verse 25 (you will see this often written as John 11:25)

John – Chapter 13, Verse 35

John – Chapter 14, Verse 6

John – Chapter 3:16

6. Now flip back to the beginning of the book of John, close your eyes once more and say to God, “God, if Jesus really came to earth to make a way for me to know You, then please show me Jesus as I read the Bible.”

7. Read John from start to finish, pausing and thinking as you go. Take in as much or as little of it as you like at one time. Keep an open mind even though it might be scary.

Write notes, if you like, many people get value from Bible Journalling (find lots of videos about this on YouTube). Maybe make a list of questions to ask a friend who knows about the Bible. It is okay to have questions.

8. Now continue on from day to day reading other books of the Bible.

Here is a suggestion of which books to continue on with:


1 John

2 John

3 John




1 Corinthians

2 Corinthians




Remember that if God is God then He has given you the Bible so you can get to know Him. He is also able to use the Bible to speak to your heart even if you don’t understand all that He has written in it. Be patient, open-minded and read with an expectation in your heart that the God of the universe will communicate His love to you.

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