Foundations of Fellowship

Sermon for Sunday, April 7, 2024 10:00 am

I once lived with friends on the beaches of Mexico. We owned a small cafe. We roasted coffee in the morning and surfed in the afternoon. We played on the beaches together and enjoyed a great time of community. As easily enjoyable as that kind of community sounds, however, it still took a lot of work, and it wasn’t always easy. Getting community right can make all the difference. Have you ever had a great job, or been a part of a church with great teaching, but the community was awful? It can make all the difference right? Or maybe you’ve had a lousy job, but the people were awesome? Again, it can make all the difference.
In this sermon, we’ll look at a few principles of biblical community or “fellowship” to help us engage the people in our lives and find fellowship opportunities where we might not have previously expected. We will look at the foundation of fellowship and how to build on that foundation with one another.
Our sermon text comes from 1 John 1:1-2:2. We’ll also look at Psalm 133 and John 3.

For more information or a little deeper dive into the concept of fellowship see the following passages taken from the New Testament: Ephesians 2-4, Acts 2:42, 4:32; Heb 10:23

Oh, and the local chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association visited us the day I preached this sermon. Hopefully, this sheds light on any reference to them “biker gangs” in the sermon. They were a lot of fun to have.