Welcome to another FAQ from the Princeton Baptist Church.

Today’s Question is:

Why Do Christians Pray?

The short answer is

We pray because God tells us to!

Whether it’s a family member who is sick or a tough conversation, the Bible tells us that we should pray about everything! Obviously, God could just do what he wants without us praying for it. But if this is true, doesn’t it mean prayer is pointless? Absolutely not! Even though he doesn’t need us to pray, God decided that he was going to use the prayers of his children (us) as part of his plan for the world. What a privilege we have to be part of God’s plan through prayer!

There are other reasons Christians pray too. For one, we know that God often uses our times of prayer to show us parts of our lives that need to be changed for the better. He also uses prayer to give direction to us, so we pray when we make any decision, big or small. A final reason Christians pray is that we want to get to know our heavenly Father more deeply. It’s just like any relationship – what better way to enjoy getting to know someone than talking with them! And that’s exactly what prayer is – talking with God. God loves us, and we get to love him back by praying to him.