COVID-19 Easter Update

We get to have in-person services now, but they must be held outdoors.  Below is a brief look at what Easter (and future outdoor services) will look like.

  • Service begins at 11:00 (a later, and typically warmer part of the morning) 🙂
  • We are currently allowed to gather up to 50 people in the parking lot providing they are socially distanced between “bubbles” and wearing masks.  We will reserve half of the parking lot closest to the building for this.  You’re encouraged to bring your favorite lawn chair if you would like a seat. 
  • The back half of the parking lot will be reserved for those who prefer to remain in their cars.  We are allowed to have 50 cars present (but only have room for about 25).  We have ordered an FM transmitter and hope to have it employed soon, so you can literally “tune in” to the sermon/worship in your car, or other FM radio!  Combined we are able to have over 100 people in attendance in the parking lot, so a single service should suffice.
  • We are allowed to play and lead in worship, but the government has asked the congregation not to sing.  So we will have a few songs for everyone to enjoy.  Feel free to hum along or simply join prayerfully in the worship.
  • The sermon will come from the wheelchair ramp overlooking the parking lot.
  • We will have a kid’s program running this Sunday for ages 4 – 8.  We are allowed to host up to 50 kids indoors, providing there is distancing and COVID protocol.  We need families or adults willing to sponsor these kids indoors.  If you would like to apply, please email us at
  • You will need to RSVP for the service by emailing us at  Please mention whether you will be attending in your car or in person.  If you’re attending in person, we have received permission to utilize the Arena parking lot on Sunday morning, so please leave your car there and walk over. 
  • This perhaps goes without saying, but if you are symptomatic, you are unable to attend in person, but please let us know so we can help care for you, get groceries, etc.  I will continue to post the sermons online for those who need to participate that way.  
  • If anyone has a giant, walless, circus tent kicking around please let us know!  We are actually allowed to utilize those.  Barring that, our services will be weather-dependent.

In all of this, I’m still grateful for God’s provision to his church throughout this time.  He has sustained us and will continue to sustain us into the future.  If you have any questions or concerns or would like to connect for an outdoor coffee during the week, I’m still available for such meetings and am eager to listen and pray with you.


Pastor Kyle Nichols