meet the team

The Office Staff aka the people you will meet in the office

Kyle Nichols

Head Pastor

Head Pastor

The first thing you should know about Kyle is that he likes a lot of things.

So many.

He likes hunting and fishing, he like drawing and reading. Most recently he likes jumping on the new trampoline with his kids. He likes puttering around on his old motorbike. He likes building espressos and roasting coffee. One look at his fancy hair and beard, and you’ll know that Kyle likes growing, tending, and fixing things.

As such, his summers are full of too-big projects, gardening, and ridiculous, hippy-composting methods.

All of this might suggest that Kyle should be a landscaper, or a coffee shop owner, but he is not. Kyle is our pastor because among all his other likes, Kyle really likes the church.

Kyle and his wife Rachel (who is beautiful and amazing and who suffers patiently with Kyle’s many changing interests (imagine it!)), moved to Princeton in 2012 where they started their family (currently holding at three young kids), and where they first felt the call to ministry.

Kyle loves his family and is passionate about Christ’s church; passionate about seeing us move as a family in the direction God calls us.

Oh yeah, Kyle also really likes his wife’s sourdough bread, enough that it should probably be included here. He also probably would have enjoyed writing his own bio, but it would have almost certainly turned out too random and too absurd to publish (with far too many parenthesis).

Grant Martens



Grant is an intern at Princeton Baptist Church. He runs the Junior Youth ministry.

Grant grew up in Vanderhoof, BC and became a born again believer when he was 18 years old. Sensing the need to grow in faith and put God first, he packed up and went South to attend Millar College of the Bible for three years beginning in 2016. In these years God revived Grant, God took a cold hard heart and softened it, making it new. During his time at school God placed a joy within him for serving in youth and camp ministry. He has spent the last few summers serving at different camps.       

Grant moved to Princeton in September 2019. He loves being in the outdoors hiking and exploring new area  . Grant’s extrovert self can’t help but love being surrounded by people and if visited you can be sure to expect a warm welcome and a cup of coffee or tea. 

During his time here, Grant desires to grow, see youth and families grow and be transformed by the gospel and encourage believers in there personal walk with Christ. 

Program and Ministry Leaders aka the volunteers who outreach, love and grow our community

Rob Nicholls

Associate Family and Marriage

Associate Family and Marriage

Rob joined the staff team in 2017 as Associate of Marriage and Family after many years of involvement in the Tech and Worship teams at the church.

He is in the last few years of his career as an Airline Pilot, and after retirement envisions pastoring in the area of marriage development with his wife of over 30 years, Kelly.

Rob enjoys the Princeton lifestyle and is so appreciative to share that passion with Kelly, and their two married children who also make Princeton their home.

Rob has spent many years informally talking with and encouraging couples to explore strategies for a better marriage. He enjoys officiating weddings and is available for premarital and marriage counseling with Kelly.

Chris Mortensen

Worship Team Leader

Worship Team Leader

To some, Chris Mortensen is known as culinary experimenter, photographer, or dude to talk about fishing with. To Kaiden, he is known as Dad, and to Carolyn he is known as Husband.

At our Church, we also know Chris as our Worship Team Leader. Since he and his family moved here from the Sunshine Coast a year ago, he had agreed to take on the role of Worship Team Leader at our church.

His role as Worship Team Leader includes lining up the music team each week, curating a set list of songs, leading the worship team through practice and performance, getting tips from  Kyle on grooming his beard, and putting himself on the stage almost every Sunday to lead our congregation through the sacred time of worship.

Chris makes music his science and his art, if you have questions about music, or the role music plays in worship, he is your guy.

Katrina Wessel

Sunday School Leader

Sunday School Leader

Katrina has been in Princeton since she moved here with her husband (Luc) and daughters in 2010. She loves living in a quiet community with familiar and friendly faces. She likes gardening, reading, crafting, hiking…and iced coffee.

Katrina has been a part of children’s ministry since she was a teenager and feels right at home with the loud, crazy, and incredibly fun kids programs. 

Mark Howarth

Food Bank

Food Bank

Mark has been a Christian for 40 years. He went to Bible School shortly after being converted to get a solid grounding to his faith. Mark graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northwest Baptist Theological School.

Mark is married to Edith, have 3 adult children, and have been members of Princeton Baptist church for 20 years.  Mark has been involved with church work of some kind for as long as he can remember.

Likes: seeing new people come to know Christ, seeing the church grow, preaching, playing guitar, geology, motorcycles, mechanics, camping, times with the family and studying the Bible especially the gospel accounts and the book of Genesis.


Rachel Nichols



Rae has lived in Princeton with Kyle since 2012.

She loves creating things!  Things like food, events and sewing projects.

Connecting with other young families is something she really enjoys doing with her three kiddos.

Rae is excited about family programs, connecting families, the length of her husband’s beard, and growing God’s family in Princeton.  

Stephanie Vermette

Women's Mental Health

Women's Mental Health

Stephanie and her husband Clayton have been attending Princeton Baptist Church for about 10 years and volunteering in leading Sunday School Programs, Youth Groups, worship and the wood ministry.

They have a passion for the lifestyle Princeton has to offer and along with their four-year-old daughter Emily, try to get out hiking, hunting and camping as often as they can.

Stephanie works in Family Services with a background in nursing and facilitates the Women’s Mental Health Ministry which started up in 2017. She hopes to see increased mental health awareness throughout the church and see women and men experience the restorative power of Christ and come to know their God-given purpose in sharing their stories.

Rhianfa Riel

team leader head shots 3

Women's Mental Health

Rhianfa moved to Princeton with her husband Martin and their children in 2008 after many years of working in camp ministry on the coast. They have been quietly attending and refreshing themselves in our church family.

Over the past 10 years, Rhianfa has worked hard at explaining how to say and spell her name along with waxing poetic about its origins. She also spent 8 years volunteering at our local theater fostering both her creativity and relationships within the community of Princeton. 
This fall Rhianfa is taking a gentle step back into ministry providing support and hospitality to the Women’s Mental Health group. Her past ministry experiences and her own journey with depression and mental illness have given her a heart for the broken and hurting in the church as well as those experiencing ministry burnout.
Although she works full time in a secular environment her heart will always be with listening and encouraging those who struggle to understand their own journeys and push through difficult circumstances to a greater understanding of God’s unfailing love.

Karen Fulton

Women's Mental Health

Women's Mental Health

Karen has lived in Princeton with her husband and four children for over 11 years; they have attended the Princeton Baptist Church for 10 years. Karen has volunteered with many organizations in Princeton over the years, including the preschool, minor hockey and swim club.


Karen completed a nursing diploma in 2010 and was hired at Princeton General Hospital and Ridgewood Lodge. Following a workplace accident, Karen went back to school and retrained as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and now works as a Community Mental Health Nurse here in Princeton.


Karen is passionate about learning and teaching; she has homeschooled her children on and off over the years and eagerly engages in education for herself. She strives to be an advocate for others, along with promoting improved mental health and coping strategies. 


Karen has been working alongside Stephanie and Rhianfa this year in facilitating the Woman’s Mental Health group. This group has reached out to so many women over the past year! It has been an inspiration to listen to shared stories of struggle and motivation, to provide support and understanding, and to witness Gods unfailing love in this opportunity to remind us that we are all perfect. Matthew 5:48 

Not pictured: BETH STARK, leading the Prayer Ministry

Deacons aka the people running the business-y side of things

What is a deacon?

What is a Deacon

Deacons are church members who are elected by the church to assist the pastor in the spiritual affairs of the church.  

In the Bible, the word “Deacon” is translated as “servant” or “minister.” Naturally, deacons will be involved in serving the needs of the church.  This includes visitation to the sick, but it also includes helping to promote the church as we serve, and minister to, our community.

Elected deacons also act as a legal board of trustees for the church, they have regular meetings with the Lead Pastor on church business and they also advise on and approve our budget.

Kelly Nicholls


When people experience adult family life they are often unprepared for the stress and difficulty of navigating the inevitable challenges. Kelly is a veteran of working in Human Relations and has developed a passion for helping people through challenging times.

With an education background in Psychology and Sociology plus many years in Human Resources, Kelly has developed a manner that invites honest communication with the goal of applying Christian fundamentals and values to everyday life.

Kelly is a wife of 32 years and a mother of 2 adult children. Her ministry contribution has been a lifelong passion and includes Worship Leadership, Women’s Mental Health, and Marriage Counselling.

Kelly presently serves as a Deacon at Princeton Baptist Church, and is looking forward to applying her passions and skills on the Fellowship Pacific Regional Board.

Tim McMann


Tim moved to Princeton in 2010 with his wife Judy from Port Coquitlam as part of the team re-commissioning the local copper mine. After his career consisting of frequent travel and Judy’s years of nursing, they felt called to settle down and wait on God’s leading.

Several years after moving, they had the pleasure of their daughter and her husband joining them here and are now enjoying their growing family next door (Isaac who is 20 months and one yet to make their appearance).

In their 8 years as Princeton residents, Tim has been impressed with the need for the desire to experience God. In Tim’s words ‘while much of our busyness involves ‘going’ and ‘doing’ and our entertainment complete with on-line distractions, it is so easy to fill our time & relationships enjoying the ‘good’ to the detriment of the ‘best’. The need to be still and know is  an activity I am working to cultivate in my life to push out the busy and enjoy what God desires in my life.’

Connecting to the community through hockey and curling as well as the opportunity to share his faith in the workplace continues to challenge him to see all he does as purpose in Christ’s kingdom.  Tim sees that the community of believers here in Princeton brings a real blessing to those in town and those who God is working through to reach others.

Rob Nicholls

Associate Family and Marriage

Associate Family and Marriage

Rob Nicholls

See bio above (yup! He’s a busy man!)

Luc Wessel


Luc has lived in Princeton with his family since 2010.

When he is not working at Weyerhaeuser, he is often found working in his shop; sanding or staining the latest project.

He enjoys many recreational hobbies including hitting the local biking trails, trying to catch the “big one” while fishing, and roasting the perfect batch of coffee.